Combat chronic dehydration and feel your best by consistently incorporating IV hydration therapy. SunDown IV Health offers monthly memberships to give discounts to those who regularly use our services and other perks such as:

  • Member Priority Booking
  • Member Only Discounts
  • Birthday Specials


Our $125/month individual membership includes:


    1 Drip / Month

    Any drip on the menu


    1 Injection / Month

    Any Injection on the Menu

    We ask for a simple 3 month commitment to start up, then going forward your membership will be month to month. Additional benefits include a birthday month specials and discounts.

      “As a professional fighter I love incorporating Sundown IV’s Drips into my training and recovery. I recover 10x faster and my workouts are increased that much more each time as my body allows me to keep going further and further. I highly recommend using them if you’re training or just need some help recovering after a long weekend.”

      Alex "The Great" Hernandez

      UFC Fighter and Patient

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