Confused about anything? Check out some of our answers to the most common questions below.

Does it hurt?

Our nurses and medical staff are thoroughly trained and experienced and take great care to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Is it safe?

Yes. Our IV therapies are developed and administered by highly qualified and experienced medical personnel. It is important to note, however, that all medical/intravenous therapies carry a risk and clients should be aware of these risks, as well as the benefits.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. You can book online here on our website or through our mobile app.

What are the benefits of IV therapy/hydration?

IV drips are a supplemental and effective way to rehydrate and replenish the body with the
needed nutrients. IV hydration allows for a 100% direct delivery to the body and organs.

What is the benefit of adding vitamins to my IV drip?

Like IV hydration, intravenous infusion of vitamins is a 100% direct delivery of the vitamins and nutrients into your system. Ingested vitamins take longer to absorb and generally need to be taken in larger quantities to relieve the same benefits. Ingesting large amounts of vitamins can also cause an upset stomach.

How quickly does it take effect?

This can vary for each individual. Generally, the more “depleted” your body is, the quicker you
will feel the effects. Keep in mind that even if you do not feel an immediate and drastic
difference, this does not mean that the therapy is not working.

How long do the benefits last?

Between 2-4 days noticeably, but underlying benefits can continue beyond that.

How will I know which IV treatment is best for me?

Our medical staff can help clarify and explain further to assist in finding which drip or
injection/add-on is best for you.

Do you accept HSA/FSA cards?

Yes, we absolutely do!

“As a professional fighter I love incorporating Sundown IV’s Drips into my training and recovery. I recover 10x faster and my workouts are increased that much more each time as my body allows me to keep going further and further. I highly recommend using them if you’re training or just need some help recovering after a long weekend.”

Alex "The Great" Hernandez

UFC Fighter and Patient

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